Talk with an accountant for your specific tax situation, but MassLandlords payments are usually 100% deductible on your Schedule E "other ordinary and necessary expenses" as "trade association membership" or "training and seminars." This includes amounts earmarked for lobbying.

If any of your dues or Property Rights Supporter donations are used for lobbying, we pay the federal proxy tax on those amounts in our association's year-end taxes. This simplifies your accounting. You can deduct 100% as a business expense. Talk with your accountant.

Due to the large volume of checks received, we do not send receipts by mail. You can get a receipt automatically when you pay via credit card on the site. You can get a physical receipt when you pay in-person at an event. For check donations, your canceled check is your receipt.

Our legal name is MassLandlords, Inc. We are at 1 Broadway, Floor 14, Cambridge, MA 02142-1184. Our employer identification number is 22-2606893.