You can join online or at an event.


1. On click 'Join' which is located towards the upper right corner of the page. 

2. Once you arrive on the Join page, you can calculate your membership dues by entering in the amount of units you own or manage.

3. After entering your units, scroll down to below the benefits and testimonials tables to find your first calculated dues price per year listed on the first orange "Join for $X/Year" button.

4. If you'd like to potentially qualify for a discount you can disclose where your units are located by entering the number(s) into the correct region of the "See if you qualify for a discount" section.

5. You can now find your second calculated dues price by scrolling down underneath this section and finding the second orange "Join For $X/Year" button.

4. Click this orange "Join for $X/Year" button to proceed to the checkout page.

4. Once arriving on the checkout page all you will have to do is fill in your information and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page. 

5. After check out, you will be given information on optional add-ons to your membership: Helpline Coverage, Property Rights Supporter contributions, and our Print Newsletter. You can add these to your membership or decline. 

5. Finally, you will end on the confirmation page. This means that your membership and add-on transactions have gone through, if applicable, and you will be receiving a welcome email shortly.

At A Local Event

At a physical event our registration desk staff are able to take a check at any partner association event, or any tender at a directly managed event.

Look at the bottom of an event listing to see whether it says managed by "Staff" (directly managed, any tender accepted) or "Volunteers" (check only).